We are developers first
Most hosting companies are about getting as many users as they can, but we want to develop amazing technology and services.
### 📚 History ### We started back in 2015 to create a hosting environment that was friendly, and easy to use. Unlike most hosting services we are constantly improving our services with new features.### 🧑🏽‍💻 Based on quality and price ### We are not in the market of making a quick buck, we are taking the long path to a sustainable high quality service. Everyone at NodeHost has been involved in building websites for over 10 years, we have seen the amount of hosting companies that have come and gone.### ✅ We are not a reseller ### We run our own servers for performance and efficiency. It would be cheaper to rent hosting space from a larger company and have them manage it, but then we wont have such great performance. We are a small local business based in Penticton BC Canada and we enjoy making a large impact on the developer community online and locally.### 📫 Contact us anytime ### If you need any help feel free to contact us at any time, we are here to help. You can message us on Hey.Café anytime or post on the support café that will be linked below. You can also email our general support inbox support@nodehost.ca or to report abuse and illegal activity abuse@nodehost.ca. ** Our profile ** https://hey.cafe/@nodehost ** Support café ** https://hey.cafe/!nhsupport### 🙋🏽 Q/A ### ** Q: How do you provide hosting services at a low cost? ** A: Simple, we build everything from scratch, and we have been building websites for decades and with this experience we started NodeHost. ** Q: Why did you start NodeHost? ** A: We hated how when we started if you chose the wrong host they would lock you in for a term, or provide really bad services and performance. We wanted to change that! ** Q: Free HTTPS? ** A: This is not the 90's! Any hosting provider charging you for TLS/HTTPS is a scam, Let's Encrypt started providing free TLS certificates for developers in 2015.