Reload any time

We don't take and store credit card information, we don't even need one to setup an account, just reload your balance as you need it. We give you some credit to start and we only charge for what you use.

Almost like running your own

Create and destroy sites on demand like a VPS, and you even pick what server each site is created on. Want to test a new design? Spin up a new site and delete when done.

We keep everything fast

Most hosting providers use large servers with thousands of clients per server, but we host a few dozen on smaller servers, keeping usage low.

Install what you want

Install any CMS you want, from AnchorCMS to Wordpress.

Developers love us

Launch your applications, scale and grow as needed. You can install Wordpress, Koken, AnchorCMS, and more in no time at all.

Everything is up to date

All our users use the VestaCP backend so we can manage the servers but also keep everything up dated.

Backups that are on time

Did something happen to your site when you edited some files or updated Wordpress? Visit the backup page and you can download a backup that was taken automatically yesterday in a few clicks.