Red Francis Daniel

Prior to my registration, I have experienced multiple hosting issues on hosting including but not limited to GoDaddy and 000webhost. With NodeHost, I received fast, superior-quality technical support who has done a great job maintaining the servers. The beyond-par maintenance and support comes in an affordable price--as low as $0.04 a day. That means in one year I would be charged as low as $14.60. As a person who is running his own freelance web design/building business, I would recommend any of my clients to use NodeHost as their primary hosting. The above reasons justify my claim.
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Matt Longman

NodeHost has blown me away since migrating over! Their support has been excellent, and the service itself has been rock-solid, and lightning fast.

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Sergio Diaz

Let me just start off - I love this hosting service! The uptime is great, the owners are friendly and are up for support on live chat and Twitter almost all day! They're very responsive and friendly. The uptime is great, the control panel makes spinning up dev sites and production sites very fast and painless. I use this host with most of my clients, and the times I have ran into an issue it was solved quickly. I love this host a lot, would definitely recommend to everyone.

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Cody L

Inexpensive, and reliable webhost, with exceptional support, and a great selection of hosting options. They have their own custom built control panel for users, and has little to no downtime.

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Mark LaViolette

Their customized control panel is simplistic and clean. It does not hog resources. Their hosting is incredibly responsive on the desktop and mobile. Support on Twitter is excellent and quick and professional in my experience. I would recommend them to anyone.
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Matthew Medlin

I started using NodeHost for my customers' websites and it really helps that not only do they have great support, but it's also quick. NodeHost is different then other hosts, they actually work with the community they build. I recommend NodeHost to all my customers.
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Our customers are amazing