Your search for a web host ends today

We understand that finding a host can be hard, and that is why we are all about helping you succeed and grow.


Get a website online with containers

With our website hosting service you never need to worry about uptime and performance again. Take advantage of some of the most powerful web hosting around for just about anything. You can even bring your Wordpress sites over.

The best part? You can get a site online for next to nothing.


A simple easy website builder

We take the pain away from running and building your own website. It costs nothing to get started and try out the website builder.

Website Builder


🙋🏽 You are in good hands

We do everything we can to make NodeHost the best web host in the world, and it shows. Check out some of the reviews we have had recently.

We offer other cloud services beyond hosting

Our servers handle over 50 million requests a week, take advantage of scale with some other services.


Workers are small scripts written in the SimpleScript language that can run to do things like load a web page, or even do database work. We currently charge $0.02 per 120 seconds of dedicated CPU usage.

Server Monitoring

This is a new service thats now in BETA. Server monitoring lets you see server usage and health info about any servers you have the agent installed on. It has been tested on many unix based systems including Ubuntu, Mint, and Raspberry Pi OS.


Low carbon business

The environment is important, and we have always worked to keep our resources at a minimum. We now are on Offset Earth to lower our CO2 footprint. Protecting the environment for the future is a goal everyone should have.


The locations you need

Thanks to our partners we have nodes all across the globe so you can launch your site anywhere. We have servers in Toronto (Canada), Frankfurt (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (England), Singapore (Singapore), Bangalore (India), and San Francisco (USA).



Costs are per 30 days and account reloads will also be charged any applicable taxes. You can have as many containers, sites and more as you want with their own resources. Costs are in USD plus any applicable taxes based on region when you add credit to your account.


Backups are done every 48 hours and we store 14 backups. This is 28 days worth of backups.