Hello N3, and what's new with NodeHost!
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Post by Anthony Lee · 3 months ago
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We are pleased to announce that the newly activated node, N3, is now operational. Not only does it provide better CPU performance but faster disk IO access. Situated in Los Angeles, USA, it replaces N2 for deployments. We are diligently working towards the implementation of custom private nodes and have been rigorously testing this service. We anticipate that it will be available within the next 2-3 months. These private servers will grant you exclusive access to dedicated CPUs for your websites, eliminating any potential disruption caused by other users. Additionally, we are currently focusing on developing our education and referral program. In order to ensure its success, we have been soliciting feedback from customers engaged in both areas. Based on this input, we are in the process of determining appropriate rewards. Our aim is to have both programs fully operational by the end of February. Furthermore, we have introduced a new status page, providing a convenient means to monitor system performance. For those who possess a private node, this page will display tailored information specific to your account once this feature is launched. We encourage you to follow our Hey.Café account and sign up for email alerts via Hey.Café in order to receive real-time updates. This encompasses the current updates, but we eagerly anticipate sharing the multitude of upcoming features and enhancements throughout the course of February.