Get dedicated resources for each website you launch

Containers make it easy to build your own website from scratch, or to use most popular CMS's like Wordpress and more. You can pick any location and plan for each site, and all sites run on 100% high speed SSD servers

The blog

$1.80 monthly

2 GB / Web Storage

80 GB / Bandwidth

2 / Databases

10 / Email Accounts

28 / Day Backup History*

The portfolio

$3.60 monthly

4 GB / Web Storage

160 GB / Bandwidth

2 / Databases

10 / Email Accounts

28 / Day Backup History*

The project

$5.40 monthly

6 GB / Web Storage

320 GB / Bandwidth

4 / Databases

20 / Email Accounts

28 / Day Backup History*

The business

$10.20 monthly

8 GB / Web Storage

640 GB / Bandwidth

4 / Databases

20 / Email Accounts

28 / Day Backup History*


Get your blog online fast and easy

Ready to setup a blog and share your interests with the world, we help you easily setup Wordpress, or Koken for a simple and clean blog.

You can install any PHP based CMS easily, run anything from a blog to a e-commerce website. With fast servers and networking you don’t need to worry about anything.



Let your creativity run wild for free

Jump in and test our services without paying anything (no credit card or payment info needed to start). For the first week all services have no cost. Jump in and start building without thinking about cost.Once you are ready, you can add credit any time, we have no yearly or monthly lock in.

Built for the developers, and the bloggers

Our custom panel is easy for anyone to use, but still has everything developers need and want. From our simple to use API to our workers for running code in timed events. We have something for everyone.

Documentation & Help


Free HTTPS, and by default

We are passionate about security, and thats why we offer one click HTTPS (TLS/SSL) setup with Lets Encrypt, so getting a free TLS certificate to secure your website is simple.

We stand behind our infrastructure

We have built a large system of servers that can handle a lot, but if something goes wrong and we can't deliver at least 99.99% uptime we credit all users affected.



Servers on and off this world

We have server locations around the world, from London to San Francisco. When you launch a website you can pick any location you want from the panel.

Servers in space coming 2067.

Let us handle the backups

We automatically back up your site every single day, compress it, and save it to more then one place for safe keeping. With daily backups going back 28 day's you can easily download or restore your container at any time.


Low budget plans

Tiny disk

$0.60 monthly

500 MB / Web Storage

40 GB / Bandwidth

1 / Database

2 / Email Accounts

28 / Day Backup History*

Little more

$1.20 monthly

1 GB / Web Storage

8 GB / Bandwidth

1 / Databases

5 / Email Accounts

28 / Day Backup History*


Costs are per 30 days and account reloads will also be charged any applicable taxes. You can have as many containers, sites and more as you want with their own resources. Costs are in USD plus any applicable taxes based on region when you add credit to your account.


Backups are done every 48 hours and we store 14 backups. This is 28 days worth of backups.