My container has been destroyed/deleted do you have any backups?

The simple answer is no. During the process of destroying a container all backups stored on B2 are deleted at the same time by the server process. This results in us having NO backups as soon as a container is destroyed.
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Making emails getting sent to multiple email addresses

This is a core part of the organization setup, that makes ALL emails sent to the main organization account also get sent to any users who have access to the organization account. You can setup users to have access and such get all emails by using [Share access to managed accounts and organization settings to management staff](
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Lock account while you are making remote changes

If you are switched into an account to make changes we have an option to lock them so they don't make changes while you are making changes. You can do this by clicking ** Lock ** in the top right of the screen when you are switched into the account. When the account is locked the icon will turn red.
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Switching into an account that is managed by an organization

If you are in the main organization account or you are given shared access to the organization account you will be able to switch into any account that is managed. To do this you can from the main containers screen click on ** Switch Account ** and you will see all accounts you have access to including managed accounts.
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Organization billing

One key aspect of an organization is you can make accounts not need to deal with there own billing, the way to manage this is under the main organization page you can click on an account and turn on and off organization billing. When it's enabled all charges that will be made to the account will instead be made to the main organization account.
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Add an account to your organization

You have 2 ways to add accounts to your organization, one is to create the account for the other person, or you can go to the organization page in the menu and can click on ** Join URL ** to get a URL you can share. When anyone opens the link they will be asked if they want to become a user of the organization and be managed by the organization.
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Share access to managed accounts and organization settings to management staff

You can share access to your organization by creating a new access token to share access to that account. To do this you can go to settings and click on ** Manage Account Access ** and you will be taken to the tokens access page. This page will also display accounts your organization has access to both shared to you and accounts that are managed by the organization. You can click on ** Create ** on the top left of this page to create a new access token you can share to your management staff and pick an expire time.
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Setting up a new organization

If you want to setup a new organization for use by a company, school, or group you can do so in settings. We recommend you use a generic account for your organization like using an admin email address. Once your organization is created you can share access to management staff by creating a share access token.
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Why has my container been suspended?

If your container has been suspend this is due to your account being in bad standing. We will suspend sites that have not had account payments to a due balance in over 120 days. We send out alerts before this happens and you can have your container back online by paying your account balance.
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How to fix WordPress database error after import

If you recently used the import tool and get a databases error screen when you view your site, you may need to import your database and update your site wp-config.php file with the new database details. We have tools under the containers main screen for database create, import, and update WordPress settings.
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