Documentation & Help

Documentation & Help

You can find guides and documentation on just about everything NodeHost related in this section, including our 👩🏽‍💻 API documentation. You can also find the documentation on our programming language SimpleScript, and if you are after release notes you can view them here.


Getting started is not always easy, and being new at getting a website online can be a learning experience, so let's make things easer! In the sections below you can learn how to get started in simple and easy to understand ways.

Getting Online


Guides are made by NodeHost and other members on the community.


Pick a service you are needing info on to find guides and articles related to that service. The articles you will find are more based on technical details of how the service works.


Install and run just about any PHP project


Workers allow you to run code in a sandbox written in SimpleScript.


Policies and guidelines for our services.

Mail rate limits
Report copyright violation (DMCA)
Mail usage policy
Taxes and Charges
Bandwidth limitations & how it's calculated
What information is collected and when
Privacy policy
Appropriate use policy
Terms and conditions
Service level agreement (SLA)
Breach disclosure policy
Affiliate guidelines

Code Snippets

Bits of code and examples that are more for websites using containers or PHP based.

How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS using .htaccess
How to redirect subdomain to folder using .htaccess
Checking PayPal payments made via PayPal button in PHP
Log PHP errors without showing data to visitors
Use PHP to host multiple domains with different HTML content
Get real user IP in Wordpress behind NGINX using PHP
Redirect non WWW urls to WWW using just .htaccess
Calculate how long a PHP script takes to run
How to calculate real CPU usage in a PHP script
Making a PHP script run in the background

More Resources

Reseller program status
Requested features

Free Tools

Visitor check

Non NodeHost Resources

Guides and code thats not NodeHost related but useful for every day server management.

Server commands

Ubuntu based servers, tested and used.

Clear EXIM email queue
Find what files are using space based on file size