(GET) - Process status

This will fetch a process based on its ID and return the results.

Request URL


id - The ID of the process

More info

The value status_ran if true means the process is finished and the response is saved. You can also see the time it was added status_time_added and the status_time_run that tells you when the system was set to run the process. Note: we do run processes spawned by processes, and this will not show the status of the secondary processes.

When you run a API call that runs a task it will have a value at the bottom of the response called system_process_id. This gives you the ID you can check in this list to see the status of the job. The value of system_process_id will be false if no process was started with the API call.

Process system appends to the start of all responses a tag like error: for automated matching. The response starts you might get are listed below. An for example here is a response you might get completed: Container usage info updated.


  "data": {
    "status_id": 1103113,
    "status_ran": "true",
    "status_running": "true",
    "status_function": "services_container_create_database",
    "status_response": "completed: The database structure has been created",
    "status_user_visible": "true",
    "status_time_added": 20181224014459,
    "status_time_run": 20181224014504
  "system_connection": "true",
  "system_version": "v_79_d65cb6f",
  "system_user_id": 1232,
  "system_user_username": "apiuser",
  "system_process_id": "false",
  "system_process_command": "false"