(GET) - Container Mail

Gets a list of all mail accounts.

Request URL


container - The container ID

More info

Unlike some other non user set inputs passwords for mail and databases are user given and as such are NOT stored on the system in any way.

Test URL


  "data": [
      "address": "email@dgaepe.n7.myws.ca",
      "disk": 0,
      "alias": "alias,anotheralias",
      "forward": "false",
      "redirect_only": "false",
      "auto_reply": "no"
  "system_connection": "true",
  "system_version": "v2_127_9ee1ad15587c7ad860818b8a0ba9f398979b2969",
  "system_user_id": 1232,
  "system_user_username": "apiuser",
  "system_process_id": "false",
  "system_process_command": "false"