(POST) - Container Create Domain Secondary

Allows you to setup the secondary domain on a container, just provide a the container ID and the domain you want to use.

Request URL


container - The ID of the container domain - The domain you want created

More info

Secondary domains get full a DNS zone that can be edited where aliases don't. As a note secondary domains do not get a new mail zone.

Test URL


    "data": "Container secondary domain getting created",
    "system_connection": "true",
    "system_function": "post_services_container_create_domain_secondary",
    "system_runtime": 0,
    "system_version": "pub_23",
    "system_user_id": 1232,
    "system_user_username": "apiuser",
    "system_process_id": 1103113,
    "system_process_command": "services_container_create_domain_secondary"