(POST) - Container Create ZIP

Allows you to setup a easy to deploy ZIP rule you can run later, just provide a the container ID and the information needed like the ZIP URL (May need to be in URI encoded string).

Request URL


container - The ID of the container url - The URL of the zip path - Path to install in, default will be /

More info


Test URL


  "data": "The ZIP deploy structure is getting created on the container",
  "system_connection": "true",
  "system_version": "v2_12_5f653d11990dcaba2c7362a6d7626cc4be8155b8",
  "system_user_id": 1232,
  "system_user_username": "apiuser",
  "system_process_id": 1103113,
  "system_process_command": "services_container_create_zip"