(POST) - Container Destroy Domain

Allows you to remove a domain from a container, just provide a the container ID and the domain you want to remove.

Request URL


container - The ID of the container domain - The domain you want removed (primary only)

More info

Keep in mind this will remove the main domain from the container resulting in all files getting deleted on the container in the web directory and all Mail related accounts and DNS.

Test URL


  "data": "Container domain getting destroyed",
  "system_connection": "true",
  "system_version": "v2_13_0479254b3b77f74b9f4ed2aa56a7514457000bd8",
  "system_user_id": 1232,
  "system_user_username": "apiuser",
  "system_process_id": 1103113,
  "system_process_command": "services_container_destroy_domain"