(POST) - Create Container

It's easy to create a container, just give us a location and a size to use and we will create it for you.

Request URL


location - The location of the server using it's Node ID size - The size of the container getting created

More info

Because of the delay in container creation you will get back SFTP login info and a contaner ID, but none of the details will work until the container is created. Creating a container takes around 30 seconds. Using this info and the container info API call you can easily check back with the ID to see if the container has been created yet.

Custom domain: You can also provide the variable domain. With domain you can provide a domain and we will auto add it when we create the container like testsite.n6.myws.ca.

Custom package: You can setup a custom package with the variable package. Package is the ID of the package you have created or we provide to also install, if the package is a payed package and you dont already own it the API will auto charge the user making the container.

Install LE: You can also auto run LE setup after container is launched by providing the url variable installssl with the value now to atempt setup in seconds, delay that will wait 60 seconds or longdelay to wait 2 minutes.

Setup with custom domain without www alias: By providing the varable alias with the value of none we will after setup remove the www alias (also before any LE commands run).

Random Locations: You can now auto pick a random location by using the location random or a random location from a country with the following location options random_usa, random_canada, random_germany, and random_nl.

Test URL


  "data": {
    "id": "mvxh1mmua3ivdve36yy8icjceoffakpxgne",
    "node": "n9",
    "node_location": "New York (USA)",
    "node_hostname": "n9.nodehost.ca",
    "node_version_php": 7.2,
    "node_version_os": "Ubuntu 16.04 LTS",
    "size": "750normal",
    "sftp_username": "anufyp",
    "sftp_password": "4ooDDY17ezWiF29ZqBTBdrhVh",
    "dns_ns1": "lisa-n9.nodehost.ca",
    "dns_ns2": "mike-n9.nodehost.ca"
  "system_connection": "true",
  "system_version": "v2_16_66e17b05078fc8540585d0d3d3bba8888959e604",
  "system_user_id": 1232,
  "system_user_username": "apiuser",
  "system_process_id": 1103113,
  "system_process_command": "services_container_create"