What information is collected and when
We take privacy very seriously and only store the absolute minimum amount of information necessary. Regarding location information, we only store the country and state that you provide during the registration process. This allows us to ensure that we are following any local laws that may apply based on your location. Additionally, we do store IP addresses on login to prevent spam and login automation. When it comes to device information, we collect details like user agent on account login. This information is solely used for validating sessions on the site and is immediately deleted once the session expires. We do not store any credit card information in any way. Any card details provided on our site are entered directly on the secure Stripe payment page and we do not have access to this sensitive information. For automated charges, we rely on the Stripe payment ID that they provide to facilitate the process. In addition, please be aware that providers like Stripe may send us country and state information with any payments for validation purposes. While we do store this information for payment disputes, it is strictly based on the data provided by these payment providers. Your trust and privacy are of utmost importance to us, and we will continue to prioritize the security of your information.