Old panel migration
At this time migration is only done manually, so it’s a case of setting up a new container on the new account and then copying files over via SFTP and setting up the database if it’s say Wordpress. Due to the large number of changes between the old panel and new system we are not doing automatic migrations as in testing we have found many sites break in this process due to outdated Wordpress files and plugins and other large PHP changes. We are working on some guides, and automated tools, we are starting to set times for migration based on specific nodes. You can find more details on our social media pages on dates as they are approaching and we will be sending out notices one month before. ### Accounts ### The new panel does require you to create a new account before it can be used. ### Import Tools ### We have some import tools under the new panel once you make a site (and set a domain like a testing domain) you can click on tools and find Wordpress database update tool, and also a backup restore tool that will place your site files based on a old NodeHost backup tar file. The tools are live now so you can play around with them if you wish. https://nodehost.ca/docs/article?id=xhqf8wg9bv8t7p4 ### Migration social updates ### https://hey.cafe/conversation/svgjc4l84f6r5sv https://hey.cafe/conversation/yoz1jjlym0flxv2 https://hey.cafe/conversation/ywnv9eynvvgd0qr https://hey.cafe/conversation/esmi980swczrnia https://hey.cafe/conversation/17al97k2qbq0nhc https://hey.cafe/conversation/whq4a4cshiyuo44/ https://hey.cafe/conversation/oxvp9at7zr35s1s/ https://hey.cafe/conversation/t2f5rytixoocmzt/ https://hey.cafe/conversation/6kwylaobgir6b6f/ ### Support Café ### For updates and questions check out our support and news cafés. ** Support ** https://hey.cafe/!nhsupport ** Recent updates ** https://hey.cafe/!nhchangelog