Sharing account access
We have tried to make sharing really simple, and we are using the same system as container sharing using Tokens. To share your account to someone else you just need to visit settings and tap on Tokens to get started. You can also revoke Tokens from this menu. ### Sharing Account ### * Tap Settings in the top menu. * Tap Tokens in the sub menu in settings. * Tap Create in that page's sub menu, you will see it near the top of the page. * Set a name for the Token and an expire time. You can also put in an email and we will send that email the link to access the account. ### Switching Accounts ### If you are the use who accepted a Token to manage an account you will find it easily in your settings. To switch to that user just tap on its avatar and name in your settings area. Once switched to go back just click on settings again and you will be shown a message and link to switch back. ### Revoke Access ### To revoke a Token visit your settings and tap on Tokens in the menu. You will see a list of the Tokens created and if you click on one you can see its status and delete it. Once a Token is removed the other account wont be able to login as you anymore.