Restoring a site from backup
If you have a backup file ready (from new or old panel) you can restore the site files into a new container with our many built in tools. ** Note: ** It's a lot easer to restore your site using a test domain at first and you can change to your real domain after as a lot of the tools need to use the domain to complete the work. ### 1. Create container ### Go to the main dashboard page and click the button that says ** Create Container **, you can pick any location you want. Once the container is created or if you have one already just open the container and go to the next step. ### 2. Set the domain ### It's better to use the testing domain at first since we need to load the site a few times during the restore process. To do this just click the option Domain on your container and next pick ** Use Testing Domain **. You can change this once you are done without losing any files. ### 3. Upload your backup ### Once you have a domain set you can click on ** Manage ** in the sub menu to go back, this is called the breadcrumbs and allows you to easily go to a parent page. Once on the main container page go to Tools. The tool we want is under the section ** Restore Tools ** called ** Container Backup Restore **. Once you click this option it will open a popup window taking you to your site and you will be presented with the backup restore tool. This tool allows you to restore files out of a NodeHost backup file. You can upload your file from this tool or if already in your main web folder you can select it and select restore. Once the tool is done restoring your site files you will be taken to your site, don't be alarmed if it's broken or showing some kind of error as if you used a CMS like Wordpress there are a few more steps you need to do. ### 4. Restore database ### If you site used a database you will see a sql.gz file in your main web folder with the contents of your database. You will need to go back to manage and visit the ** Database ** menu to create a new database before you can use the ** Database Backup Restore ** tool. You can also download your database backup file from SFTP or the ** Database Backup Restore ** tool and from the database section on your container open PhpMyAdmin and import the database backup. If you find our restore tool did not restore your backup properly you may need to do it this way. ### 5. Update config files & domain ### If you used Wordpress you may need to update your database details and also the domain after, you can do this with the tools in the Tools section under ** Wordpress Tools **. You can also visit the domain menu and click ** Change Domain ** to use your real domain on your container. ### More Help ### If you need more help feel free to post over on our !nhsupport café.