NodeHost IMAP and SMTP details
Unlike in the past our new panel does not provide mail sending services, but we do offer a mail inbox system that you can pair with a SMTP Relay service like ImprovMX to send your emails. We have a guide for that setup but once done you might be wondering how to setup your mail client. We are happy to say the details are all the same basic boring details, you just setup your mail client with your email address and password and when it asks for your SMTP and IMAP server just enter in what it shows you on the panel under "Hostname" in mail. Once done your email client should finish setup and be ready to use. As a note your username will always be your full email address. Here are the port details if you need it, but you should not need this for modern mail clients. ** IMAP Settings ** Authentication - Normal password SSL/TLS - Port 993 STARTTLS - Port 143 No encryption - Port 143 ** SMTP Settings ** Authentication - Normal password SSL/TLS - Port 465 STARTTLS - Port 587 No encryption - Port 25
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