Breach disclosure policy

We want to share how we will respond in a breach, not only is GDPR strict about the rules around a disclosure but the timeframe is 72 hours until reporting and making public. We don't want to wait that long and to you we want to share our plan for a 24 hour public update.

If a breach is found or reported to us within 1 hour we will have all our staff in-house and working on a patch or upgraded rules as needed. Changes will be applied and we will look at any information that may have been taken over the next 3 hours after the upgrades are made. We will then look into any other solutions or changes that need to be made and any disclosures to companies who work with us. A public blog update will be made, and placed as a header on the panel and main site within 24 hours of event or less as long as all information is known and patches or upgrades are made.

Although we have no intention of allowing something to happen in the first place it is important to have a plan in writing.