Setting up CloudFlare and HTTPS for Free

Go to and create an account (or login if you have one). Click on Add site at the top of the page and follow the steps. When done all DNS management and changes you want to make will be made on CloudFlare. Now that thats all done and CloudFlare is active you can enable HTTPS browsing... How? Well let me tell you.

First visit your site overview page, and click on Crypto. The first option is the one we want, and you want to make sure it's set to Flexible. This setting allows your site on the users end to have HTTPS while allowing the backend to talk to CloudFlare via HTTP, or if you want you can self sign and have it talk via HTTPS on the backend also without buying a SSL certificate.

Last step is to make all pages and files redirect to the HTTPS version link, so lets visit the Page Rules tab. In the box enter ** and turn on the option Always use https. Now do the same but using* and you are all done. Now anyone going to your site will be visiting over HTTPS.