Setting up external DNS to point to your site

To just point your site to NodeHost the easy way, all you need to do is point 2 records to us. This will allow you to keep all current domain settings, and just point for the website (at the bottom we have the extra steps needed to setup mail using our servers mail system).

Pointing your root domain and www subdomain

Now this is basically all you need to do, visit your domain panel and go to the page to edit DNS records. From there you just need to replace the main record (usually . or @) and the www one with the following.

Now remember you need to replace with the server you set the site up on, to find this out visit the site and the DNS tab, you will see the server name there.

CNAME is amazing, it basically says "oh, you are looking for the server this is located at? Well just ask this domain for the address". With this if any server configs or IP's change you will not need to update your DNS settings, and keeps downtime to a minimum if there is ever a failure of some kind.

Mail Records

To setup mail to point visit your DNS tab on the NodeHost panel for the site, here you will find all the records you will need, just clone over the following records from that page to your domain.

A: pop. A: mail. MX: @. TXT: @. TXT: _domainkey. TXT: mail._domainkey. Closing notes

Now remember DNS can take upto 48 hours to update around the world.