Privacy policy

The short version

We do basic analytics but we will give clear easy to understand ways to disable at any time, and we self host all of this so it's not shared with a third party. We don't share data with anyone without user permission FIRST!

The long version

We will not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent except as otherwise provided in this Policy or our Terms of Service and Appropriate Use Policy. We may use information about who you are, where and when you browse our network, and how you use our network to provide you better service.

We respect your privacy and we do use a internal analytics service on our website, all data collected via this service is anonymized and original data is not stored. This data is not linked to an account if you have one, and is used to average how people find and use our services. This data is NOT shared with any other parties, this data remains private and is deleted after 30 days.

This Policy applies to customers who purchase and use our services and products in Canada. Collection, use, disclosure, and protection of personal information may be subject to different regulation outside the Canada.

NodeHost will revise and update this Policy as it is deemed appropriate, including, for example, if changes in the law so require. You should refer back to this page for the latest information.