Reseller program status


Since the original plan for the reseller program we have changed the scope of the program and are no longer building a dedicated client panel. We are building new API infrastructure and improving the API services. You can make most changes via the API now and the rest of the undocumented calls will be updated soon as a large rebuild is in progress to make API return data more valuable with real time responses.

Plans resellers get access to

Plans on the reseller system are not limited by resources the same way as regular plans, all plans start at 5 databases, 25 mail accounts and go up from there. They also are only listed as cost per cent for storage. The cost is really down to 3 cents per GB of disk usage per day, the format follows reseller_normal_s1_v1 and reseller_normal_s1_v2 as such where the v1 and v2 in this example is the disk allotment in GB.

Plans reseller_normal_s1_v1 - reseller_normal_s1_v5

Disk: 1 GB - 5 GB Bandwidth Max: 1 TB Domain Aliases: 25 Databases: 5 Mail Accounts: 25 DNS Records: 500

Plans reseller_normal_s1_v6 - reseller_normal_s1_v15

Disk: 6 GB - 15 GB Bandwidth Max: 1.5 TB Domain Aliases: 50 Databases: 10 Mail Accounts: 50 DNS Records: 500

Plans reseller_normal_s1_v16 - reseller_normal_s1_v30

Disk: 16 GB - 30 GB Bandwidth Max: 2 TB Domain Aliases: 100 Databases: 15 Mail Accounts: 100 DNS Records: 500


The bandwidth is a MAX overflow limit, this is to keep the system from flagging a site for high usage if a spike happens once, we do ask that users keep bandwidth down if they are able to and we may enforce below this limit depending on how much impact it has. When providing usage to your users we ask you follow the same kinda guidelines we have, a small site should use up to 40GB on average, and a larger site should never hit 1TB.