What information is collected and when

We keep your information private, we only store the absolute minimum we need. Below we will break down how we use your info and what is collected and when.

Location information

The only location information we store is the country and state you provide on register so we can follow any local laws based on where you are from. We do also store IP's on login to prevent spam and automation but this data is deleted within 30 days of collection and not stored in any backups. Providers like Stripe and/or Paypal will also send us any country and state information with any payments for validation. We do store this info for payment disputes but is only based on the data provided by Stripe and/or Paypal.

Device information

We collect device information like user agent on account login. This is only used for validating sessions on the site. All useragent and device info is deleted as soon as the session is expired.

Credit card information

We do not store card information in any way at all. Any card info entered on site is only on the Stripe payment page and is done by Stripe. We do not store this information and Stripe does not privide this information to us in any way. For automated charges we use the Stripe payment ID they provide only.