How to fix WordPress database error after import

If you recently used the import tool and get a databases error screen when you view your site, you may need to import your database and update your site wp-config.php file with the new database details. We have tools under the containers main screen for database create, import, and update WordPress settings.
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How to fix critical WordPress error after import

If you see this error message after your site is imported your WordPress may be an older version, or one or more plugins have not been updated to support PHP 8.3+. If this is the case you can contact us and we can enable PHP 7.4 support.
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Do your prices change?

We may at any time change our pricing, we will give notice on our official @nodehost account. Price changes can be due to many factors including change in service providers costs, and market changes. We work hard to keep our pricing low. If you have any questions on price changes contact us.
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Custom domain email mail services

If you do not want to setup the relay as seen in the guide (, you can use a number of other great free options for forwarding your domain email, or using custom mail hosting for your domain if you already have a service like Apple One.
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Set container tag

Tags can be really useful for sorting on the panel, you can set a containers tag by just providing it in this API call.
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Destroy container

This call will completely destroy a container and all files along with it.
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Enable TLS on domain

This call will enable TLS aka HTTPS support on your domain, just make sure you have the domain and all aliases pointed before you enable or it will fail. This process can take a minute and you should wait for this call to complete.
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Create domain

Once you have a container created you can use that container's ID to create a domain. You can also add the optional proxy variable to enable proxy mode.
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Create container

To create a container you need to give it a name and also the server you want it created on. If you need a list of servers just supply this URL without any variables attached (other than API key if needed).
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List nodes available

This call is the same as the one to create a container, but with no info provided will display a list of the different nodes you can use and info about them.
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