List containers

This call will display a list of all the containers on your account including the name, domain, and tag.
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Getting and using your API key

You can find your API key in your account settings area, we have chosen to make the API simple and easy so all you need to do is call the API urls with your key in the url variable key. This API key will have full access so keep it safe.
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Setting a icon on a container

You ca do a lot of different formatting on a container name including setting an Emjoji as the first word to use it as the container icon.
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Restoring a site from backup

If you have a backup file ready (from new or old panel) you can restore the site files into a new container with our many built in tools.
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Free SMTP Transactional mail senders

With a change in how we handle mail sending and using a transactional service over SMTP to do all mail sending for better deliverability we wanted to list a few free options that provide lots of emails at no cost.
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Do you have a deadline for the old panel and servers?

We are doing this in batches. Starting at the beginning of November we will be alerting users on specific Nodes to move any sites before the end of that month. If your site is not included in the shutdown each month you can still move it starting today.
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Can you migrate me to the new panel?

Unfortunately we are unable to automatically migrate users and sites to the new panel. The incompatible data structure requires a manual process, which our small team is unable to do for each migration. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Why a new panel?

Not only are we rolling out a new panel for our customers, but we are also introducing new servers, backend systems, and processes to improve the overall hosting experience for everyone. As our company has grown over the years, we have recognized the need to upgrade our technology stack to better serve our customers.
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Merge my email login and Hey.Caf茅 login

At this time we don't have a method to do this, both login types use a different setup and has a different use structure. You can however move your resources between one account and the other by opening a container and clicking Transfer.
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I logged in and can't see my sites

The first question is what method did you use to login? You can have both a Hey.Caf茅 account and an email account on NodeHost, so if you maybe used the other method logout and login the other way.
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