Free resources for students and teachers

We want to make education a priority, and to help with that we offer free resources. The education plans are free, have no extra or hidden costs, and are per site. This gives you the flexibility to make as many websites as you want with no cost. All sites run on 100% high speed SSD servers.


Due to an increase in costs we have put the education program on hold for new accounts. Current accounts will still work at this time.


Every education container gets 500 MB storage, 80 GB bandwidth, 1 database, 2 email accounts, and 28 days of backup history. Oh and the best part is you can have as many containers as you need to learn.


Not just sites

Not only can you launch as many free sites as you want, but you can use Workers, or any other container plan and more for 50% off the normal cost. This is for any student or teacher account so what's not to love?

Help teach from your account

You can easily login as a student from your teacher account so you can help setup a site, or even problem solve.



No student maximum

If you have 3 or even 1000 students everything will still be free. Students can also when they leave school request their account be made a normal account if they want to keep building websites.

No cost, free sub domain

Don't worry about costs, you don't even need a domain to get started. Our system has free sub domains users can use while building sites.


To get started

Just create an account via the education register page to get started. If you are a teacher send us a email or message on Twitter so we can switch your account to a teacher account.

Not from a school? No problem just register a regular account and message us with the organization you work with, and how you plan to use our service. We don't want only schools to use our services, but also any education space or code learning groups.

We do have rules around our free plans

We do have some simple rules around our free plans, they are really simple. You are not allowed to use our resources for spam or abuse of our system or anyone else’s systems. All resources are given in faith of standard usage and personal use. Any corporate use of teacher, student, or free plans will result in your account getting closed. We do allow small business sites as long as they are single ownership and small.