New CMS installer, and the package store

New CMS installer, and the package store

Posted Dec 7, 2018 by Anthony


We have started a new chapter of our service, and over the next few months we are building social and store features. This will allow us and others to create and sell packages (developer apps) in a new packages store. To start we are now using the new package installer on the panel with a few page updates. In the first quarter of 2019 you will see a dedicated store system for packages and ways for developers to sell packages and others will have quick access to more advanced tools like reviews, screenshots and more.

The new package installer, click install and get notified when done

Done are the days of running install, waiting a few minutes and then loading your domain to see a installer progress window. When you click install we will send you a notification when done and you can view your site without seeing a installer progress window (also goodby NodeHost install log file). With this change running the installer wont also replace your .htaccess file.

Themes and stuff you say?

Yes, in the new store when done developers can upload themes and other stuff as ZIP's we will deploy when the user clicks install. But don't worry we have a path rule so that developers can set the path where the files will go for example /wp-content/themes.

We will be sharing more next year on this and the new social features.