August 2018

August 2018

This page is an archive. If you want to see the more recent updates you can view our release notes page using the link below.

August 31, 2018

We have made some more updates, so we are pushing this page with our plans also. We have moved forward with lots of bug fixes and more but as a note we are working on a feedback system so we can work on what you want to see.

Bugs fixed

  • Window will now reload when it gets a error... message from the render, this allows logout and other kick events to make the page reload.
  • Fixed and added new status types to the user login history, including if a login stoped at the 2FA screen and did not pass it or even sent wrong codes in the 2FA screen.
  • Backend processes are fixed for containers that would process stats updates and backups in batches of 20 to only run a max of 12 at a time with a 5 second delay between each making them not run at the same time.
  • System now checks with nodes during when removing a container so that it knows if the container is even real anymore. We ran into a few problems where deleted containers would not delete from the panel but got removed at the Node level.
  • Fixed referral page with the 20% messages, and also made it so PayPal was using the 20% amount and not the old fixed amount. The page to take your balance out is on the way.
  • Updated spacing on the files and tools sections in the sidebar and other visual bugs.

August 30, 2018

Lots of stuff has happened including a new panel and website that you can read about here

Our pricing is changing

Here is all the updates to the Panel since we started tracking in Notion.

  • Password reset page
  • Register user page
  • Staff suspend of containers, workers, and storage items that require staff contact
  • Users can enter in credit codes
  • Staff can send SLA credit for a node and all users on it
  • Containers: DNS editor
  • Processes sometimes double run
  • Redirects should set address during page change so it wont redirect again
  • System crashes generating LE certificate with invalid alias when alias is not present
  • GIT Deploy system
  • Terminal commands to run like update or install or composer packages
  • List mail connection info on the sites mail tab
  • Containers: Mail accounts
  • Sites can request a users API key with an access URL
  • Tools: Check NS servers for domain
  • User can update location in settings
  • Teachers can remove users from the student list making it a regular account
  • Add <> sub domain on each server for DNS so that lets encrypt works on the domains
  • On mobile panel is broken, turn off scaling so it works like a non mobile site (DigitalOcean like)
  • Student creation page only works for staff not teachers
  • User switcher should separate student accounts from regular sub accounts
  • Containers: See list of backups and restore backups or create new backups
  • System process can overlap jobs if they take long and the next one does not get marked in progress when a new process starts
  • System does not update usage when creating and deleting databases
  • Fix for workers using wrong encoded string on update
  • Notification when Node process finishes running for systems like backups and deployments

August 2, 2018

We started posting our internal docs on and are moving our Docs, and tasks to this Notion system.