Server monitoring service now available to all

Server monitoring service now available to all

Posted Feb 25, 2021 by Anthony


We have been working on our server monitoring in beta for a little bit now and a few months ago we made it public on the dashboard to see how many people would naturally find it and use it. A few customers are using it and we have been load testing the service for 2 months to see how well it will scale and we are ready to start the next step.


The service is free for everyone during this time as we are building it and getting feedback and we expect to have it priced on launch so everyone can use portions or a few endpoints for free.

We are also excited to share soon some huge improvements to our current services and a few new things in the pipeline so expect some news in the next few weeks on this. So now is the chance to use our low resource server monitoring service and help shape the future of the service.