This might sound strange, but we actually care about privacy. There is nothing more important in our lives than personal security and protecting our information from misuse. Thats why we if we don’t absolutely need it, we don’t collect it.

How we use analytics

First things first, we do collect basic analytics that is just what pages and when. The big part of this is that we do not link this to any visitors or users, it's just basic numbers on a table.We think sites that use external trackers like Google analytics are hurting customers by over collecting information and sharing this information with third parties just by using the analytics services. Users deserve the choice and this is key.Any basic info is not shared with anyone in any way.

Website logs

We host websites, it’s what we are good at and what we will continue to do, but unlike most hosting providers we don’t log visitors and data about them across sites and keep track of them. We store basic access history for sites and only basic info like user agents going back up to 48 hours, then we delete them. We do not use this information or share it to any third party. The owner of the website can see a basic output and that is all.

We build everything

From the panel, to the mail system, we built and manage it all. Now to be clear we do use some open source projects like Rainloop for mail but this has been customized and vetted to make sure security is key.

We don’t look at your mail

Your mail is like a diary, so we won’t want to read it. As a result we use spam filtering and rules that are all local, and all done when the mail is received. We will not go over your mail after the fact even if that means as we update the filters you still have the rare spam email in your inbox.