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Current status is OK

Past Events

DNS services down on N6

Aug 21, 2021 / Service back online

DNS bind server failed to restart causing DNS lookups to fail for sites using N6. DNS is picky and has problems with config files getting written too fast or having overlaps. Fix is easy and quick as long as we get alerted. Due to this error and the time it took from first message we are expanding and working on our automated alerts.
2:01 AM - Got first outside alert (missed).
2:26 AM - Got message about outage.
2:32 AM - Services restored.

Network error on N9 & N11

Aug 13, 2021 / Service back online

Network error that has broken outside connectivity that has resulted in web traffic requests failing.
1:38 PM - We are looking into it now.
1:50 PM - everything is online and healthy again.